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BEHIND THE SCENE | Dubai Residential Project

Did you always want to know what the services of an interior designer encompasses?

I have been approached by several clients who initially didn’t know exactly in which way we could help them to bring to their homes the feeling/ambience they were looking for.

We have recently worked on a very exciting project in Dubai, where the end product was the Concept Design, a very important tool which allows the designer to communicate the final vision to the clients. It is also something you can rely on while discussing your project with others contractors.

So, I have used this Dubai project to show you the different stages we go through with the client to get to the Concept Design.

It is paramount to communicate all your desires and concerns to the designers early on in your project so that they can create a unique efficient design for you and your household.

Everything starts with a first consultation where we evaluate your needs taste and problems. Then the first draft of the concept will be conceived with the Moodboard. Again this is a great time to exchange ideas, interest, and worries.

The second stage will be the first selection of furniture, which might evolve from what is available in the market to best buys. At this stage, I offer one revision at this stage which allows you to modify any dislikes.

The third stage which is the very important one will be to create all the plan, elevation and 3D images for your design/project. At this point there are no more changes can be added to the design, as we will be drawing all the details drawings.


Our client contacted me just after buying their first home in Dubai. Even though it was very early on, as they still hadn’t got the keys to their home, it was perfect for us to create an ideal layout.

The flat was a 1,740 sqft stunning three bedroom duplex in the heart of Downtown Dubai.

With two large en-suite bedrooms on the 2nd floor and one smaller guest bedroom with a full bathroom and shower on the 1st floor, the flat was ideal for this family of four.

However, the finishes were very basic and outdated and the entire home was lacking soul.


The space offers a fabulous double height ceiling in the living room with floor to ceiling windows, which brings a lot of natural light into the apartment. We decided to use this feature as the starting point of the blueprint and enhance the exciting double height living and accentuate the loft style look in the space.

We wanted to create a warm soulful space with sufficient storage for clutter-free entertaining areas, while having a unique personality and comfortable furniture. We kept some of the existing furniture and complemented it with original design pieces.

We needed the space to be flexible and transform easily into a playground for kids, a comfortable lounge to entertain guest and also watch some great movies.

Key ideas that we developed were:

In the living room:

  • Comfortable minimal lounge with movable furniture to convert space into a playground.
  • Square layout for a conversational blueprint ideal to receive people and perfect for movie night.
  • Loft style living room with structural lighting to enhance the double height of the space.
  • Oversized rug and windows treatments to enhance the space.

In the dining area:

  • A formal Tropical Dining area with graphic prints, opulent greens, and exotic wood.
  • Modern skandi furniture for 6/8 people.
  • Long sideboard for extra storage and a large wooden dining table with matching chairs.

The terrace was filled with lush tropical plants to create the perfect backdrop for an exotic decor and included a set of two outdoor armchairs and a small table.


This small bedroom was located next to the main entrance with no windows. We decided to create a multi-functional space that will allow the family to get ready, have guests around and be a small sanctuary when they need to get away for some alone time.

Instead of using a large 2meters guest bed, we used a small 1.6m sofa that can convert into a full-size double bed, which allowed us to prioritise lots of storage for shoes, bags, sports & gym accessories.

Two double wardrobes framed the double sofa bed to create a symmetry and maximise the larger wall for storage. We also used the height to create a small library for all the books.

We have included extra small details like a shelf above the sofa to allow reading lights and decoration and hiding space for luggage.

We used a lot of soft texture and dimmed lighting to create a cocoon to relax.


Pastel colours and soft textiles define this perfect bedroom for two little girls.
The room is soft and cosy to ensure a peaceful and uplifting environment for pampering.

We suggested soft lighting and playful accessories to create a unique fairy-tale for the girls to explore, play and dream.

This room is also a multi-functional space, as during the day the space will be transformed into a playground for the kids, with lots of space for toys and different activities.

We have also created a reading corner, a changing section and lots of storage to maintain a tidy bedroom.


The master bedroom was one of the most important rooms of the house. A peaceful sanctuary to relax and rejuvenate. The idea behind the design was to keep a very minimal look with efficient storage and with all cables hidden.

We created a statement wall with a rich deep blue paint to emerge the room into a relaxing mood and a custom made wall to allow floating storage in in build lighting which gave a hotel luxury element to the room.

We emphasized the layout around the bed as the main element of the room with an oversized headboard with floating drawers and integrated lighting for a minimalist look.

Warm tones and dimmed lighting were the main goals to create a nurturing cocoon.


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