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New Miira Lighting Collection by Nuura

The new lighting brand, Nuura founded by Sofie Refer, Nadia Lassen and Peter Østerberg recently launch an elegant and timeless collection called Miira. Nadia Lassen and Peter Østerberg both previously owned the iconic company By Lassen and with this remarkable level of design expertise, they team up with Danish lighting designer Sofie Refer, who has won several international prices to create a truly unique lighting company.

The unique Miira lamps complement each other, and each one helps create a unique Nordic feel. The Miira collection is designed with the chandelier at its centre and expands into a complete series of light.

The very graphic black and white aesthetic make a really bold statement to any interiors, like a piece of art.

Sofie Refer chose the name Miira as it holds significant personal meaning to her. “The collection is dedicated to my daughter, Mira, who is a great source of inspiration to me. Mira also means ‘peace and beauty’. All in all, the meaning sums up this collection”, Sofie Refer explains.

Lighting plays such an integral part in our home. I really love how the Miira lamps diffuse soft light and instantly create a cosy atmosphere, perfect for bedrooms and lounge.

Produced in Sweden, this highest quality collection made of ‘Rock Grey’ metal and mouth blown glass comes in optic clear with an embossed pattern and in opal white which spreads a gentle Nordic light.

The Miira collection is perfect for both commercial and residential projects as it offers large chandeliers with 13 or 6 pendants; in addition, the collection contains a smaller chandelier with four lamps, a single pendant and two lights for the table and wall- all unique and beautifully designed to complement the private home. I personally love the wall-mounted which gives a luxury hotel touch. You can easily create a beautiful repetition with matching pendant lamps.

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