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Perfecting your Feng Shui using Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2018

Pantone colour of 2018 Ultra Violet MkDesign purpleMarked as ‘inventive’ and ‘imaginative’, Pantone has named the purple hue, Ultra Violet 18-3838, as their Colour of the Year 2018. Said to light the way for what the year has to bring, Pantone claims this shade communicates ‘originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking’.

Such a deep, rich blue-based purple is bound to appeal to many, but before you parade purple tones through your home, be sure to heighten your awareness of how to use the colour purple for good feng shui.

Purple beyond Pantone

Whichever culture you consider yourself part of, purple is typically regarding a prominent colour, brimming with grandeur and magical meanings. It is no accident that the colour is so alluring, mixing soothing blue hues with fiery reds, purple is a complex, creative colour, often associated, in society, with wealth and royalty.

Beyond any regal meanings, artistic types have also paid homage to this wondrous colour. Prince, Bowie, and Hendrix, each incorporated the ultra violet shade into their contemporary musical masterpieces. What’s more, the tale goes that Leonardo da Vinci too believed that simply enhancing the room with purple light could improve the bliss achieved when in a meditative state.

Just as the colour purple quite generally symbolises life’s luxuries and pleasures, it too holds a special meaning in feng shui.

Tiny PANTONE Objects by Inka Mathew

The Colour Purple for Good Feng Shui

While many believe that the colour purple can be used in any room, in any direction, it contains a bold, high-energy core. As such, this powerful energy should be used with caution, and in moderation. To create a happy, balanced home, for good feng shui, purple should be used sparingly.

When introducing a purple into your home, such as the Pantone Ultra Violet Colour of the Year, you must initially ensure that it features in a suitable feng shui bagua area. Typically, bagua areas of the home that thrive on fire energy include the centre, northeast, south and southwest. Similarly, some areas will be weakened should you use especially strong purple tones in these zones, namely the east, north, northwest, southeast, and the west.

Sometimes Less Is More

According to the principles of feng shui, the colour purple holds the power to help you feel peace, gain wisdom, and achieve growth. It also opens up new avenues, clearing the path for new opportunities, promoting improved luck and chi. So, how is it possible to reap the rewards of this colour?

Just a touch of the colour purple is enough. Use sparingly in appropriate bagua areas, on small features, avoid painting large wall spaces in Ultra Violet. Once a dash of colour is added with paint, use purple crystals against the sunlight to promote good feng shui. Sometimes less is more.

If you are lucky enough to have a meditation space in your home, feel free to boost the room with Pantone’s Colour of the Year. The high energy of the colour purple can really pay off in select healing and rejuvenation areas, such as this.

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