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From the 30th of April until the 11th of May 2015 the MK Design team took residency in the Interiors Room set section at The Grand Designs Live in Excel. After few months of planning, we had two days to build up our 2015 Colour block theme Room set. With the help of London Interior & Exterior, Neil Norton Design and Mathilde’s superhero dad Thierry Kubisiak we build most of the set during day one. Day two we accessorise the room with designers products, curtains…we then added the last touches with the plants from Vanessa Birley Florals.


This Grand Design Live Room set proposal embraces cool, soft colour choices mixed with subtle warm tones and follow a minimalistic “en plain air” theme, taking a cue from nature.

Choosing a pastel palette, the idea is to use optimistic colour combinations of orange and pink sunsets, green palm trees, aqua pools, and pink flamingos.

Refreshing and fun this room sets the tone for a new way of living. Full of joy, yet emanating a soothing escape from the everyday hustle and bustle of modern life. The perfect place to disconnect.


The way we live our lives is changing and our surroundings should change too. Nowadays more and more people need practical living spaces that reflect their needs. We can rethink the way we live by inventing new ways to improve our lives.

This space was created to push the boundaries of traditional living by using mobile furniture and innovative storage – we can now change from a living room to a studio in one minute. To help us be more creative and spontaneous, furniture should be tailored to our needs and age.

Of course, as always we sought to address ecological needs by using recycled materials and incorporating plants which naturally balance the air we breathe.

The use of simple layout, specifically the bench allows the perfect display for a motivation board or seating area.

Finally, modern simple lines with smooth curves bring joy to any space. Using this simple, harmonious trick takes us back to our inner child, pushing us to treat ourselves with the kindness we truly deserve. This allows us to be kind and giving within our home and even extend this to our whole lives.

We had the privilege of working with Rootnotion for the first time who came on the last wk for an interview. We really appreciate his time and professionalism. You can check more their work on 

With the fabulous help from William Wash, we were able to catch every moment of this build up with his time-lapse and stunning slow shots.


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