Dessert With Maitre Choux

For the dessert, I ordered delicious eclairs and small choux. Maitre Choux is a modern version of a French patisserie, specialised in choux pastry by Three Michelin star chef Joakim Prat. He bakes the most perfect eclairs, choux and chouquettes.

We selected the ‘Paris-Brest‘, a crunchy nougatine filling with homemade praline cream layered with pure hazelnut praline cream and unsweetened whipped cream, finish with a nougatine biscuit on the top.

We also had a ‘Tahitian vanilla and pecan eclair‘  with an intense and powerful vanilla flavoured filling, topped with roasted and caramelized pecan. But by far the best pick is the small craquelin choux filled with whipped cream. The salted caramel is my favourite best.

I hope you enjoyed this table, we had a lovely dinner and it was so great to share my favourite designers with y friends and now you!

Disclaimer; this is not a paid post. Some products were gifted items, all that I would highly recommend. 

Photography © Mathilde Kubisiak/MK Design London


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