Feng Shui Your Bathroom

Are you looking for some interior design bathroom ideas? Perfect, you’re come to just the right place. Here I have some simple tips and Feng shui insights, just for you.

If you, like me, are using the New Year as an excuse to give yourself a boost and take on new challenges a little Feng shui can help you out. Believe me, Feng shui cures can work wonders to increase new opportunities in your life.

Sometimes minor modifications make all the difference. I decided to upgrade my bathroom with some small accessories to enhance its full potential. Bathrooms have a terrible reputation for draining the energy, so it is ever so important to understand its challenges.

For me, personally, 2018 is all about inspiring new travels and channelling warm nurturing colours, and so I have used this concept to style my bathroom design. With some luxurious soft textiles, glamorous accessories, and exotic scented candles, I aimed to achieve a Moroccan spa feeling.

Bathroom Feng shui

Those who are familiar with Feng shui my know that each and every part, or direction, of a home is related to a specific aspect of life. With this in mind, a bathroom can be particularly tricky; they can potentially drain the luck or benefits from the aspect of life that corresponds to their place in the home.

If you are planning to design a new home or buy a new property, I highly recommend you check your floor plan in reference to a Bagua map. This can help to minimise bad bathroom Feng shui from the offset. It is, after all, easy to accomplish great design with something as simple as good door placement.

The direct alignment of the bathroom door with the front door is bad Feng shui. In fact, any direct door alignment in a home or office creates challenging Feng shui. In the master bedroom, you might have en-suite bathroom. Try to keep these doors closed at all times. You do not want the romantic energy of your bedroom disappearing into your drains!

Bathroom mirrors are obviously a necessity. There only instance you may opt for smaller mirrors is if a bathroom is located within a Feng shui Bagua area that does not like the water element, which is represented by mirrors. Otherwise, the bigger the mirrors the better. They will cleanse the area and provide a fresh reflection in the light surrounding them.

Bathroom Feng Shui – Colours Scheme

As my bathroom is in the South West corner, I wanted to boost my ‘Love/Relationship’nook with some touches of pink and earthy tones.

To complement the blush and rose tones we have seen in the latest interior trends, cool light grey mosaic tiles balance this wet room completely. I have also used a lot of ethnic texture and a rattan basket to create a warm contrast, which reminds me the Turkish souk in Istanbul.

Wherever your bathroom is located in your home, try to create a colour scheme with two or three colours. Play around with layers of texture and materials.

Here are some other examples:

A bathroom in the south-east: – Since the south-east part of a house is related to wealth, a bathroom in this part will drain away all the money from the house. Some of the effects of the south-east bathroom include joblessness, sinking income, increasing debt, and even bankruptcy.

Try using a lot of wood to balance it out. Purple and cool undertones can work well too.

A bathroom in the north-west: – The north-west part of the house is concerned with helpful people and luck from heaven. As such, a toilet in this part will drain away all those from you. No help from anyone, backstabbing, office politics, and discredit are all potential results of the north-west bathroom.

Here metal and grey tones will work perfectly to enhance this aspect of your life!

I have used Herbal Bath Salt “Intuition” with Patchouli, rosewood, and geranium many times, it is my favourite bath salt and it smells incredible. The Rose Water mist from Mirins is extremely practical. Simply spray it after, like a toner, and your skin will feel calm and refreshed. These are very invigorating rose-infused products, which take you back to your femininity.

Adding a finishing touch with bathroom essentials, I selected smooth, spongy towels from the Organic Company in pale rose, dark grey and natural white.

Bathroom Feng Shui – Plants

Plants are a great way to balance a space. In certain areas like bathroom or toilets, they can compensate for the draining aspect of energy in the room, allowing for new opportunities to come to you.

Some plants, like the Orchid, love the humid and tropical temperature of a wet room. In the East, they are very strong symbols of abundance, spiritual growth and even fertility. Oher lush green plants or succulents can also offer a refreshing and rejuvenating force.


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