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November 2011

Sleepevent is Europe’s longest running trade show dedicated to showcasing and celebrating hotel design excellence. We are very proud to say that in 2011 we were a competition winner of the European Hotel Design Awards!

The brief was to produce a room designed to push the boundaries of imagination, a futuristic hotel room set inside the trade show. The big challenge was in creating something both innovative, daring even, but at the same time comfortable and relaxing.

Often, walking into a hotel room feels like the end of a journey of discovery at the culmination of the day. we wanted to challenge that idea by creating a hotel room with elements of surprise and innovation, a space where the sense of outdoor exploration is continued into the interior space.

We wanted to create a contrast between the urban landscape the guest has been in contact with and what they will experience in their hotel room. Using nature in a metaphorical design sense to highlight that contrast seemed to be the key. We used subtle forest imagery along with natural materials such as bamboo and smooth river stones for the visually striking flooring.

Several low, modern-looking platforms were based amongst the pebbles to achieve the impression of crossing a river or stream by way of stepping stones. This added an element of playfulness and excitement to the room. The river theme gives the space a sense of movement, yet it is static and peaceful, even spa-like.


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