The Ultimate Low maintenance Summer Plants & Pots

Refresh your Home with plants!

Refreshing your interiors don’t have to always include paint and upholstery, you can easily add a touch some vibrant green with some few plants, and before you start with my plants always died and “I am not good with plants” let me reassure you that I am terrible with plants too. I just now know how to choose low maintenance ones.

Exotic plants like Rubber Plant and Palm will remove indoors’ air toxins and are very popular and easy to care for. Their leaves have a gracious flow that will soften the energy of any home or office space.

Cactus are also super easy to maintain and can add a sculptural aspect to your greens. Studies have shown that keeping indoor plants improves our mental and physical health.

Rubber plant or ficus elastica and its many varieties handle neglect much better than any other plants

It is a very easy outdoor plant to look after and has been approved by NASA as one of the best air purifying plants. They like light but don’t expose them in direct sunlight. You can water them weekly during summer 

Water enough to thoroughly wet the compost but allow the top inch of compost to dry out between waterings.

You can also invest in a Pothos, Aloe Vera, Engish Ivy, Ficus, Heartleaf Philodendron, Fiddle-leaf Fig tree, Areca Palm…

Also with self-watering pots like the Sip Pot, you can take the hassle out of watering your plants and it’s the perfect pot if you are going away for the summer!

Sip is a two-part self-watering planter designed by Ann Kristin Einarsen which plays with the shape of the classic terracotta form. Minimally constructed and smartly designed, a nylon wick works as an extension of the plant roots and draws water from the reservoir, enabling the plant to draw up just the water it needs. A cleverly shaped glazed tray holds water and allows for easy watering.

The Sip Plant Pot makes it easy to keep plants fresh without spending too much time looking after them Oh and it’s on sale now! 

Boost your Feng shui with plants.

If you know a little about feng shui, it’s mostly about how the eight cardinal directions affect us, how different shapes and forms influence us, and how Qi impacts our well-beingPracticing feng shui is about combining all of them together and using what’s in our control to improve our surrounding energy so that it’ll better our lives.

The Jade plant (which is also known as the ‘Money plant’) is considered to be very lucky as its presence attracts wealth and prosperity. Because of this reason, they make popular housewarming and wedding gifts, although they can also bring good fortune to offices and other workplaces.

According to Feng Shui, you can welcome money into the home or workplace by placing the Jade plant close to the entrance. If this isn’t possible, however, it should be placed in the southeast corner of the building.


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