DIY modern radiator cover

Here is a simple yet very effective DIY to transform your home. I really hate the look of basic white radiator but sometimes it is impossible to change it and buying a radiator case are usually costly not aesthetically pleasing option. I made a lot of researches online and found some really inspiring ideas on Pinterest and finally decide to make my own. I wanted to create a durable alternative that would look great without spending too much money. I found a very helpful tutorial by Luke Arthur Wells and a great video by Louis Henry showing you all the steps on how they madetheir own.

I used a £20 large mdf board  from bbq and had it cut in store as shown in the sketch below. I ended up with 20pieces of 100mm width by 900mm height (one off cut of 320x2000mm and 2x pieces of 400x610mm)I used the 6mm thickness but would recommended using the 8mm instead as some slatted slightly bended with the paint. It is barely noticeable but I think it will look better with a thicker board.

I also bought 3x timber battens 1.8m x 34mm x18mm to create a sturdy structure. I used a mitre saw to cut all my slats at a 45degree angle to create the perfect edge at the top of the unit. I then glued and nailed 17slats for the front of the radiator cover and 2 on the side (which I cut at the bottom to fit perfectly with the skirting board)

When everything was dry I filled in all the little gaps with food filler and painted everything with some beautiful left over Good Intentions paint by Coat. This simple structure completely change this wall, creating a structure to display beautiful prints, pictures and decoration. Here is my latest addition by Skudaboo entitled Road Trip.


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