Christmas Workshop Skandium Townhouse

On the Saturday 2nd of December, I hosted a special Scandi Christmas Workshop at the Skandium NEW Townhouse showroom in South Kensington!

The goal of the day was to help participants create a minimal wreath with the Strups gold ring and laser paper cut ornaments by Fabulous Goose.

Here is a sneak peek of our afternoon:

First, we needed to cut down the greenery to an appropriate size to fit our rings. We used florist wire to attach the greenery to the ring. You can use layers of greenery and ribbon to hide the florist wire. Think about where you want the greenery. It doesn’t always have to be symmetrical, it can be off centre. Combine different textures and techniques to create something visually interesting. We had leather cords, ribbon, pine cones, ornaments and fresh greenery to work with.

If you missed the event, I still have some great tips you can use for your Christmas decoration:

1. Less is more. Don’t feel like you need to use your entire range of Christmas decorations. This year is a great opportunity to go through your storage and get rid of the old decorations, especially the broken or damaged ones. Then decide which pieces to use from your collection. Switching it up will ensure the season feels fresh and exciting each year.

2. Stick to a theme throughout the house. You can start at the entrance with a wreath, following on to the main Christmas tree. Use the same colour palette and style of decorations above the fireplace, on shelves and use wrapping paper that matches your colour scheme to really pull it together.

3. Limit yourself to two colours to create a professional elegant look. Colour combos that are on trend this year are: green, brushed gold & white, blue & white and blue & silver. It is even better if you can use colours that exist in your current decorations, so the end result looks like it was specifically designed for your space.

4. Christmas smells are one of the most important steps to creating the right atmosphere. Scented candles, cinnamon sticks and cloved oranges will deliver a fresh warm hint of magic during the season. On special days, like Christmas parties, I like to bake apples in the oven, they become a delicious treat and will make the house smell good all day.


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