How to decorate a rental bedroom

Decorating a rented flat be quite frustrating, we all know that most rental agreements won’t allow you to fully express your creativity and modify much of the existing structure and even just having a different colour wall, which I think is a great statement, or simply hanging a few favourite artworks on the wall is not allowed by most letting agencies!

Anyway moaning, as I have thought of a few tricks to create a unique interior design with colour and textures while following rental rules.

if you are into prints, the best way is to use fabric curtains, they’re great for adding a fresh and fun touch to your home. I would suggest however to use greyish blue tones for the bedroom I find it creates a peaceful sanctuary.

Lighting is also a great element you can play with. You can create a soft dimmed atmosphere with multiple light sources. Having reading lights on both side is very great, make sure you can switch them off easily. Investing in a statement pendant light is great too as it adds a lot to a space.

Another thing I get annoyed with rented flats is the cheap choice of floorings. For this, I would suggest to play around with large rugs either with patterns or keeping the colour quite plain to create a neutral background. Adding a simple sisal area rug can help protect wood floors or even help camouflage wall to wall carpet.

And one more thing that’s easy to forget : the bedding. Bed linen and even cushions, are really worth choosing well, I would recommend going for l high-quality pieces as they really make a difference. Cushions and home accessories are one of the easiest ways to add some bold colour to your living space.

Don’t forget to have fun and add your personality to your room!


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