Peonies & Feng Shui Interior Styling Workshop, Clapham

This is our Interior Styling workshop special Feng Shui and Peonies which will take place in Clapham on the 28th of May 2016. We work hard to create the perfect afternoon in order for you to style your home & meet your desired needs for a charming & practical home environment. With Mathilde Kubisiak, Interior Design expert and Vanessa Birley, Floral Artist.

For our May workshop, we created personalised tips on how to incorporate Feng Shui techniques and how to energise your home using flowers.

If you are interested to know more about Feng Shui, you can start HERE with the 3 most important room in your Home.

With drinks and food aplenty, thanks to our lovely collaborators Belvoir fruit farms, PROPERCORN and Lady Berry Cupcakes

We spent an afternoon in great company where I explained how to implement Feng Shui techniques within your own personal space. We also created a stylish hand-tied bouquet using the most beautiful seasonal floral offerings, including the king of flowers – the peony – & learned the secrets to making your home inviting.


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