NORTHMODERN Copenhagen 2016

Last week I had the pleasure of traveling to the beautiful city of Copenhagen where I visited the NorthModern design show to discover the latest interior trends. The trade show was hosted at the Bella Centre which is situated a few minutes away from the city center. Copenhagen is a spacious, clean and ergonomic place that oozes quality, quality food, quality design and above all a quality of lifestyle.

Despite Danish design being a large trend the show interestingly was smaller than I anticipated. Having said that what I learned from this experience is that it is not about the quantity but rather the quality of the product and that is exactly what they do best.

 My highlights of the trip were discovering a new designer MAGNIBERG and their beautiful duvet cover, Studio Jeroen Wand and his unique, enchanting vases and conversing with the very talented Dutch designer Daniel Sutjahjo and his innovative PIKAPLANT solution of a self-watering plant system.

I completely fell in love with the extraordinary multi-purpose piece of furniture THE M. founded by Mads Thornman, which can be adapted according to your mood. This distinctive and handmade design can be used as a couch, a daybed, a lounge chair or can be taken outside. You can even use it as a cosy and elegant headboard for your bed.  

To be the revolutionary you need to go all out, just like what JOY did with her Organic Company and her fabulous line of 100% Cotton kitchen and bathroom textiles.

Of course, Ferm Living was the star of the show for me, launching their beautiful colourful new collection with contrasting finishes and simple shapes. The new collection consisted of vertical rippled glasses with 4 variations and their new soy candles in arty ceramic jars.

Over all it was an engaging journey that not only enabled me to divulge in the sleek Danish design but also to understand more of the culture behind the design and what makes the Scandinavian style so individual and prominent.


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