Interior Styling Workshop, Special Paint At Heal’s

We would like to introduce our third MK Workshop, special Paint at Heal’s; helping you improve your home with professional advice and interactive activities.

Interior Designer Mathilde Kubisiak advises you on everything you need to know about paint, with great ideas and inspirations on how to simply style your home. We discovered the latest trends and colour forecasts for 2016 along with expert knowledge on how to paint like a pro.

Concluding the afternoon with a fun screen printing activity, guided by textile designer Ashley McDow from Occipinti, where we created cushion and tea towel designs.

So, if you too are thinking of refreshing your home this summer here are a few tips to help you kick-start your project.

Firstly I would always recommend choosing a concentrated Pigment paint. There are a lot of great brands out there, my favourites being Mineral Paint Maker and Eico. Both are eco-friendly paints with very low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) which are non abrasive or toxic and good to our environment.

Now onto choosing the ideal colour for you. This can be a difficult and sometimes lengthy process, however, the key is to go towards a colour that you feel represents you. Testing the colours before you make any decision or order large quantities is a must. You need to physically see how your paint will look dry on your walls and especially in areas with different lighting, as this can change the colour dramatically. Select a few samples and apply a coat onto large sheets of paper or on your walls directly. Take your time making your decision as it is the backdrop for your home and you want it to be unique and timeless!

Statement walls are a way to create a dramatic look that will automatically infuse a focal point for any room. Another way to achieve this is by experimenting with colour, for example a deep blue or an int

ense grey. Do not be afraid to trial bold colours, the outcome may be better than you anticipated.

How to Paint like a pro? If you are feeling inspired and want to take on the job yourself, do it and you’ll find that it is easier than you think.

The first and the most important job is to get your walls ready. The more time you spend on this the better the outcome will be. The pigment in the paint is enhanced and will have the perfect finish providing you put the time in.

To get your walls ready make sure you wash them. To do this use a large sponge and buy a rinsable soap and wash all over. Next fill in any cracks/holes and then finally sand the surface down ensuring you use the correct intensity (number) of paper. Remember the higher the number the finer the grain, and the finer the grain the smoother the surface.

You may also need to prime your walls depending on your project. There are lots of primers out there but if you are going to use pigmented eco-friendly paint the same company will be able to advise you on their best primer that will reveal the true colour of their pigment.

In terms of equipment, you will find a range of brushes, rollers and trays at retail hardware stores that sell middle ranged quality products. These could be ideal for your project depending on your budget. Stay away from the cheaper options as the brush hair is more likely to fall out and end up on your walls. Of course the more you invest the better the quality will be, however, you do not need to go over budget on items such as brushes if you will only be using them for one specific project. Personally, I would recommend the Dial brand from B&Q as it is affordable and reliable.

For a more long-term investment with your DIY projects,Raymunn (in Fulham) offer a great range of high-end products.

For any enquiries on finding the perfect colour, email me directly and I would be delighted to help!

A huge thanks to our lovely collaborators Belvoir fruit farms and PROPERCORN for providing delicious drinks and food.

Heal’s |196 Tottenham Court Rd, London W1T 7PJ

Video by talented William Walsh


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