Nursery Decoration

When creating a baby or child’s bedroom, it’s an opportunity to get really creative. A chance to surround your little one with décor that transports them or opens them up to a new world.

After all, our children are simply smaller explorers of the world with heightened imaginations.

I recently discovered that my sister is pregnant, which means I will officially an auntie for the first time. Although, I do already feel like an auntie to so many friends and extended family members’ children.

To say I am excited and delighted is an understatement. I have already started buying gifts for the baby! Of course, as the designer of the family, I have been bestowed the responsibility of the baby bedroom. I’m sneakily incorporating small items which will enhance the baby’s development, while also – hopefully – reminded him or her of their favourite auntie.

I have found this beautiful poster from Born Lucky, which integrates the cutest iconic London drawings, including the lion of Trafalgar Square, the quintessentially British Queen’s guard and the capital’s famous double decker red bus.

The pastel tones Rose Lihou, founder of Born Lucky, uses to create her narrative prints are absolutely to die for.

London is an extremely important aspect of my life. I love sharing our amazing city with small kids, whenever they come here. There prints were the perfect touch for the baby room and will blend effortlessly with any décor.

Rose Lihou proudly believes that a child’s bedroom wall space is a privileged position, which should be occupied by creative illustrations which nurture childhood imagination.

‘It’s the first and last thing they see each day. We believe that the artworks on their wall should be purposeful and inspire creativity.’

All of Rose’s collection is gender neutral, which is very important. Today, we have a responsibility of ensuring we work towards breaking stereotypes while educating our young people.

Take a look at the Born Lucky website for more exceptional artwork. Let’s create beautiful rooms for our future generation.

When the time comes to add more items to the baby room design, I also adore small narrative objects, such as the Clonette doll from the colourful Parisienne brand, Antoine et Lili, or antique animal ceramic like this 1960s Hornsea Fauna vase, which features a gorgeous ornamental rabbit that reminds me of classic Snow White scenery.

Reading to children is also something I love to do. My partner’s niece even calls me ‘tata lire’, which means ‘Auntie Read’, as this is how she used to ask me to read her stories at night. A tradition that persists, might I add, like the nickname that I now proudly own.

Books are so, so great, and they alone can also add a touch of decoration to your interiors. Have you read A Lion in Paris? It is amazing!


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