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Table mirrors are practical and great to decorate your bedroom. It adds a small touch of elegance to your dressing table while helping you in your morning beauty regime. Here is my selection of the best top 5 mirror for your bedroom.

Elli is a simple playful desktop mirror with a shallow circular dish perched within its legs. The dish acts as a vide-poche, providing a place to set daily items. The mirror angle is easily adjusted by tilting its frame; the mirror is inset to reduce fingerprints.

H x W x D:28cm x 22cm x 22cm
Materials: steel, glass


The bold materiality of the Aura Mirror is what generates its unique inner glow. Its polished metal form picks up surrounding light, creating diverse reflections through a combination of hard flat surfaces and long curves. Designed to be touched and held, its weight and strength is offset by the softness of its shine and sculptural curved form.

Design  Bjørn van den Berg
Dimensions  H: 90 x Ø: 127 m

Creating a simple mirror that offers a little bit more, was the ambition of the Spanish design studio,Javier Moreno Studio, creators of Flip. Flip is inspired by the traditional dressing table where one can check ones appearance in the mirror and at the same time keep all the small items that are nice to have close at hand before leaving the house.

Javier Moreno Studio says: ”Typically, a mirror has only one function, but I wanted to design a mirror that could offer more. You usually look in the mirror just before leaving the house, so why not let it be there where you keep the last things you use to get ready, or need to remember just before you go?”

Javier Moreno Studio consciously avoided a geometric design for Flip. They wanted to use a freer and more organic shape for the mirror instead. The softness of the silhouette contrasts the glass and steel materials and gives Flip a friendly and accommodating expression.

Place Flip on a chest of drawers in the hallway or use it as a make-up mirror in the bedroom.

Design: Javier Moreno Studio

Photo credit: Susanna Vento

The concept of the Menu Gridy Me Mirror is simple: slot the mirror vertically or horizontally into the solid oak base. Gridy Me elevates the functional mirror to a singular object of design.

On one side is a mirror ideal for applying make-up or for use in the bathroom or hallway. Turn the mirror around and on other side is a copper finish – transforming Gridy Me into a sculptural object, its surface casting a blurry reflection reminiscent of the nostalgic blur of an old Polaroid photograph.

Height: 34cm x Width: 25cm x Depth: 14cm

Materials & finishes
Stained dark or natural oak with mirror glass

Dome is a simple table mirror with soft minimalistic looks. Place it as a focal point in the living room or as a decorative piece in the hallway. Or simply use it as a make-up mirror in the bedroom. Available in terracotta pink.

MATERIALS: Lacquered metal, glass mirror
DIMENSIONS: W 30 x H 34 x D 14 cm


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