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Round mirrors are great to create a focal point, reflecting light and making a room feel larger.

Mirrors can also be a great Feng shui cure for to boost any problems area. It’s important to use them properly, though, or you may end up with exactly the opposite result from what you intend.

To simplify mirrors will reflect what they see and double the incoming energy. You want to point your mirrors to beautiful crisp bright lovely “positive” things and avoid anything clutter or “negative”.

Because of these abilities, mirrors should be used very carefully.

FENG SHUI TIPS. Avoid mirrors reflecting any door of the home, it will reflect energy straight back out.

It is also not good feng shui to place your mirrors so that they directly reflect each other or keep a mirror that is chipped or broken.


Elevate the design of your home by accenting an empty wall with this hanging wall mirror that functions as modern wall decor. This sleek design features a round glass mirror with a rubber trim. Hub mirror makes for a bold piece that would be perfect at an entryway or above a bed or couch, highlighting any space.

Material : Mirror – Rubber frame
Dimensions : Ø 91 x th. 4 cm

Menu Darkly Mirror’s inspired shape adds unexpected visual depth to its design, which is complemented by the reflective metallic finishes.

Designed by Nick Ross, The Darkly Mirror’s unusual shape is inspired by human kind’s earliest mirrors – small ceramic bowls filled with water used during the late Stone Age. Choose from brushed aluminum or brushed brass for a sophisticated flourish of contemporary design.

Dimensions:Diameter: 40cm x Depth: 12.5cm

Materials & finishes: Solid brushed brass or aluminum with glass mirror.

In 1950, Jacques Adnet formed a partnership with the French fashion house, Hermes, where he developed a collection of leather-covered furniture and interior accessories. Accordingly, he made a round leather mirror with brass buckle details.

The Adnet Mirror is an elegant design made from either black or tan leather and finished with brass detailing. It is a luxurious product that will look great in any interior.

Available in three diameters: 45cm (height: 90cm), 58cm (height: 116cm) or 70cm (height: 140cm).
Depth: 7cm Strap width: 2.3cm

Materials & finishes In Tan Italian leather. Supplied with brass wall fitting.

The functional and minimalistic design of the Hay Strap Mirror makes it perfect for hanging in bedrooms, bathrooms and halls.

The design of the Strap Mirror is reduced to a clean, circular shape with a groove around the edge to contain a sturdy rubber strap that is used to mount the mirror on the wall. Also available in Grey and Anthracite.

Dimensions Diameter: 50cm Height (incl. strap): 71.3cm Depth: 7cm

Materials & finishes Frame in powder coated steel in army green with a matching silicone strap.
(Not suitable for wet room use.)

“I designed STOCKHOLM mirror with a streamlined look to match the bed frame and bedside table in the same series, so you can coordinate your entire bedroom. The frame is deeper around the bottom of the mirror and forms a small shelf that you can use for your makeup, perfume, mobile phone or wallet. The mirror is really good-looking so it’s perfect in other rooms too, like in your hallway or as decoration on the wall in your living room.”

Designer Ola Wihlborg

Materials Mirror: Glass Frame: Moulded beech plywood, Walnut veneer, Clear lacquer Fixing device: Moulded beech plywood


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