5 tips to bring the Summer holiday feeling home.

As always this British summer is here!
You might think that after ten years I will be used to going out with my flip flops and my umbrella, but I still surprise myself talking about this traitorous weather like it is new!

No matter the weather, summer is the time for picnic and BBQ.
August will always remain one of my favourite times in the capital, the city starts to breathe again with everyone going away, there are chances of getting the best table, the perfect parking spot or just walking in without queuing. And if you are lucky, you will get some sun and experience London to it’s best!

If like me, you have decided to stay in London this month, I have a few tips to bring the holiday feeling to your Home with some interior trends to relax and escape the city.

So here are a handful of suggestions to help you create the ideal summer home.

1. Going low

I love to have extra seating like poufs and oversized cushions in my living space. They are super useful when you have extra guests over and have the perfect layout to snuggle Moroccan style. Summer is always the perfect time to add some extra beans bags, ottomans and cushions.
Day beds are also really great features, especially for your outdoors. I love Paola Lenti RAMS sun bedFLEX seat pads, and ORLANDO backrests.

2-Inject summer colour and pattern

Lately, we have seen blue and green as interior colours and these are the perfect combo for calm tones, scented gardens; and exhilarating sea side.
The deep marine blue adds a luxurious elegant touch, while zesty green and a hue of turquoise refresh the space.

Add a floral pattern to linen texture for a vibrant nature feel.

3. Create Your Own Tropical Oasis

Exotic plants like Rubber Plant and Palm will remove indoors’ air toxins and are very popular and easy to care for. Their leaves have a gracious flow that will soften the energy of any home or office space.

Cactus are also super easy to maintain and can add a sculptural aspect to your greens.

4. Dim the lights

Lanterns add touches of light and offer floor accessories perfect to complement the low seating arrangement.

Solar lighting has taken huge strides forwards in recent years, both in terms of the technology and the sheer range of products available in the market. Solar lights work by harnessing the sun’s energy, which makes them free to run, and are also easy to install there is no need to connect them to the mains power.

You can also integrate LED outdoor lights which are another reliable and energy-efficient lighting option for the garden, but unlike solar lights they will need to be connected to the mains, which makes them more suited to year-round use. Energy efficiency does not mean that LEDs are limited in any way; LEDs are ideal for a wide range of functions, from lighting large spaces with powerful floodlighting, to adding subtle character to an outdoor dining space by using fairy lights or festoons.

5.Hang in there!

There is something especially summery about hammocks. You can use them to relax, nap, read, and simply hang out. They will also instantly invoke memories of the sea and sun.

You can hang them anywhere, but if you want an instant teleportation to summer, the living room would be the ultimate place, since we tend to spend most of the time there.

As always create a Home that make you feel happy and where you can relax and enjoy the simple moment of life with your loved ones.


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