The 3 Most Important Rooms In Your Home!

One of the most fundamental rules of Feng Shui is that good energy cannot accumulate in a space that is cluttered with junk. If you try to perform Feng Shui in a house that is dirty or cluttered with too many objects you will not achieve results. The idea is to remove these objects or create space so that good energy can enter your home.

If you want to start creating the life you want today, here is the main area you should concentrate on and here is why:

Your Bedroom

We spend one-third of our lives in the bedroom. It’s a space to heal, rejuvenate and relax, improving our health and vitally. Our bed is energetically connected to each of us. Sleep is a yin condition — that the bed shelters, comforts and enables us to truly rest illustrate its great importance.

Your bedroom also represents your relationship so symmetry is key. You want to create a harmonious and well-balanced space, which will represent your relationship.

Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home, it represents our source of food and our ability to gain food through our work and careers. The stove has a great deal to do with our public life, our career, the recognition we receive, and our ability to manifest our goals and dreams. As a result, make sure the top of your stove is clean and all of the burners are working correctly. Use your stove regularly, even if just to boil water for tea. And try to use all of the burners rather than just your favourite burner.

Your Entrance

The front door represents the way life comes to us, our opportunities and possibilities. It is very important to have a clear inviting entrance to allow money, wealth and opportunities to come into your space and into your life. You should never have any clutter behind the main door or in the entrance, this could block the Chi (energy) to come inside your home.


To create a peaceful, relaxing and nourishing home where you want to hurry home to after work- pamper and enjoy the life you need to make it your own. By building a personal connection to each room, you will design your own sanctuary and ensure growth and pleasure. Tune up your home artistically & energetically to support the dreams you are creating! But how to do this? Simple, be creative and explore what makes you truly happy. This is very personal, but it could be pictures that remind you of a happy memory or pictures that bring you joy/colorful artworks/flowers.



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